Portfolio: Sunward Cohousing Ann Arbor, Michigan

This cohousing project is located on 20 acres and consists of two and three bedroom condos in groups of 6 to 8 units.

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Co-housing embodies the Danish concept of a community-centered life-style in which a group of owners contribute to the project’s design process and help create an environment suited to their collective needs. Co-housing owners have ongoing contact through shared activities, communally prepared dinners and participatory governance.

Phoenix has constructed three communities near Ann Arbor’s Sister Lakes. Sunward, the first 40-unit complex, is located on twenty acres and consists of two and three bedroom condos grouped in buildings of 6–8 units, which are clustered together around courtyards with walkways, owner-tended gardens and trails. Roads circle the perimeter of the development creating a people-focused neighborhood.

Owner: Cohousing Development Company

Architect: Sunstructures Architects, Inc.

Project Manager: Mark Hiser

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan