Contract Choices

Construction Management Contract

Under a construction management contract, Phoenix Contractors holds all subcontracts and takes sole responsibility for timely, successful completion of your project. This has us involved with you from the earliest planning and design phases. We will work directly with your architects and designers to determine needs and set out a construction schedule.

Based on the overall vision for the project, we can develop a conceptual estimate of your costs and project a rough schedule right from the start. We can then explore “what-if” cost and timing scenarios based on different design concepts. Then we will steadily sharpen the schedule and tighten the cost estimate as the design comes into focus.

With the final design in hand, we will solicit competitive bids from qualified subcontractors, select those who offer high quality at fair cost, and give you a single contract with a lump-sum price for the full project. Then, with your approval, we will proceed with construction.

Why choose a construction management contract? Many of our clients find this approach helps them control quality, costs, and timing – for both design and construction.

Design / Build Contract

If you are embarking on a new construction project and you have a clear view of its scope, budget, and schedule, a design/build contract with Phoenix Contractors can be the right way to go. This is similar to a construction management contract, with one key difference: We take full responsibility for design as well as construction. In some cases, a design/build contract can deliver the best blend of speed and cost-efficiency.

Negotiated Contract

This may be the best approach to meeting your needs. Under a negotiated contract, Phoenix Contractors will work closely with you and your architect and engineering firms (electrical, mechanical, plumbing/sewer, and site) to establish clear goals for your construction project. If you have not already selected your architect and engineering resources, we can help you select the professionals who can best deliver on your project’s goals. Much control remains with you in a negotiated contract, so you can feel added assurance that all work will be competitively priced.

Hard-Dollar Bid Contract

There are cases where a hard-dollar bid contract works well. If, for example, you have a complete design and you are simply looking for a top-quality general contractor to cost out the construction, Phoenix Contractors will be pleased to give you a competitive bid. Then, if chosen to deliver on the construction, we will carry through completely on the project within the contract’s terms.