Portfolio: TCF Bank Projects Various Michigan locations.

Examples of several 6,000 square foot branches we have built for TCF Bank.

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These attractive banks are examples of several banks we have built for TCF Bank. Each is 6,000 square feet with six drive-through lanes and an entrance canopy. The structure consists of a complete engineered metal stud wall and metal roof truss system. The facade consists of brick, limestone, cast columns, and glazing systems.

Each project was generally completed over four to five months. TCF Canton (above) differs from the other TCF banks because of the DDA-required brick walls and historic lighting. Phoenix Company has built TCF banks in Saline, Independence Township, Westland, Roseville, and Van Buren Township.

Owner: TCF Bank

Architect: Bowers & Rein Associates, Inc.

Project Manager: Kirk Moll

Location: Various Michigan locations.